What are the best KFC hacks in India?

July 7, 2018 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Food


Ok, let me tell you the best KFC hack I have learnt ;

Whenever you order chicken,always ask for the KEEL PIECES!

Generally when you buy the chicken there are bones in it so you get lesser amount of chicken

The way I understand it, KFC wanted to get 7 parts from a chicken instead of 6 (2 wings + 2 Legs + 2 breasts), so they cut the breast into three parts. Normally when you order a breast, they give you one of the sides, which is why they have very little meat. If you specify the “keel”, they give you the piece from the middle.


KFC cut(s) the breast into three pieces instead of the normal two: two ribs (the bony part of the breast) and one keel (the meatiest part of the breast with the least bone). The bird’s breastbone, also called the sternum or keel bone, is in the middle of the keel piece.

So you end up with more chicken

KFC Hacks
Chicken TypeWeight (g)CaloriesProtien (g)Protien/CalTotal FatCholoestrolSodium (mg)

As you can see,the KEEL piece has the most protein but you pay the same for all types of the pieces.Hence it’s the best in terms of ‘Value for money’.

Personally, 2 KEEL pieces fill me up so I go for the ‘2pcs of choice’ and ask for that piece .

Enjoy your meal the next time you visit KFC!