2 Best Websites to Book cheap Flights Online (NEW)

book cheap flights

Searching for a flight can be a bit overwhelming. Visit us to find deals to book cheap flights online. There are so many factors: dates, times, price, fare class, airline, and more. Even when you know exactly when and where you want to fly, where should you look for the absolute best price?

Unfortunately, no website consistently has the lowest prices. Most of the popular OTAs (Online Travel Agencies) are usually in the same ballpark for the price, but not all offer the same benefits or search functionality.

Book Direct Through The Airline’s Website – Book Cheap Flights

More often than not, you can book cheap flights directly through the airline’s website. This will give you the best price, or will at least be the same as the OTAs.

Some airlines, like Southwest, won’t even show up on sites like Goibibo or Orbitz, so you have to book direct. It can also be the most simple way to book. If a problem arises, you don’t have to deal with a 3rd party to get it resolved.

Another reason to book directly through an airline’s website is to use frequent flyer miles — hooray for award flights!

Of course, to book through the airline’s website, you first need to know which airline has the best prices. There are lots of travel search engines and OTAs that can help you find the best deals, so you know which airline’s website to visit. Some OTAs even offer perks that might make it worth booking someplace other than the airline’s site.

We’ve combed through many popular OTAs, compare prices and show you reliable website to Book Flight tickets online.

When booking your cheap flights, be sure to use a rewards card that will earn you valuable points. For expert advice from our team of super experienced travelers, see our Top 5 rewards cards for points & perks.

Makemytrip Online Offers

Makemytrip is a popular OTA that has been around for almost 20 years.

The simple home page offers a main search box to input your departure and arrival cities as well as your desired dates of travel. You will need to click on the third tab in the main search box to access the flight search.

Makemytrip can offer a great deal when booking a hotel along with your flight. Many times during the booking process, you’ll see pop-ups or prompts advertising great savings when booking a hotel at the same time. I tested it, and every time I priced out a Makemytrip vacation package deal against purchasing a flight and hotel separately, the package deal won.

If you need a hotel in addition to your flight, booking both together through MMT can save you hundreds of Rupee.


Pros and Cons of Hotwire

Package deals that include a hotel stay can save money
Free Cancellation policy (Terms applicable)
Low Price Guarantee


MMT can sometimes charge a booking fee.
Hot Rate flights don’t always offer a huge savings.

Goibibo Coupons and Promo Codes

Goibibo flights is another tried-and-true OTA that people have been using since years to book cheap flights online. Back then, Goibibo was a go-to source for searching and booking flights. But how do they stack up now? I can say Goibibo is one of leading flight booking sites in India.

I searched for a round-trip flight from Pune to Mumbai on Goibibo, MMT, Cleartrip, and Musafir. All were the same price except Cleartrip, which charged a small booking fee.

book cheap flights

Goibibo help you save money when booking Flights and Hotels at same time

As far as price goes, you aren’t necessarily getting a deal booking through Goibibo, but you aren’t paying any more than you might on the airline’s website.

Goibibo offers a rewards program (My GoCash), but I’m unimpressed with the earning potential through flights. The rewards (My GoCash) program offers more benefits when booking hotels.

In order to use goCash, you need to log in to your Goibibo account. While booking the ticket, you have to choose goCash as option to pay. You can pay the amount using goCash or through credit card/debit card/net banking. Please note that goCash gets deducted prior to goCashPlus during payment of your bookings.

While you can earn miles on a flight booked through Goibibo, you often won’t be able to earn miles toward status. You also might not be eligible for seat upgrades.

Pros and Cons of Goibibo


Goibibo My Go Cash rewards (although Goibibo rewards has a far better earning potential on hotels, cars, packages, activities, and cruises)

Booking through Goibibo may limit your mileage earned toward elite status.


There is no one-stop shop to find the lowest prices on a flight every time. Most OTAs are in the same ballpark when it comes to price.

All bookings tend to offer the best deals, but require a certain level of flexibility. If you don’t mind not knowing your flight times or even your airline, that could be the way to go to save the most money.

If you prefer a more traditional booking, start out with visiting our Store to view offers from all Online Booking Website. That will give you a good idea of the best website to use to save the most money on your next flight.